Six Merian fund managers leave the Jupiter merger

Six Merian fund managers will leave the business as part of the fund group Fusion with Jupiterwho outlined their planned fund structure after the merger of the two groups.

Pension fund manager Lloyd Harris and Simon Prior are among them and will hand over their £ 439 million Merian corporate bond and £ 228m Merian Monthly Income Bond Fund to Jupiter Bond Fund Manager Adam Darling and Harry Richards.

Luca Evanglisti will take over the £ 309 million Conditional capital from Merian Financials Fund that was responsible for “CoCos” in the Jupiter bond team, by Harris and Rob Jameswho also leaves the business.

European small cap investor Ian Ormiston leaves and is handed over the management of his £ 25million Merian Europe (ex UK) Smaller companies Funds too Mark Nichols and Mark Heslop, hired by Jupiter last year before Alexander Darwall left.

Dolphins Arrighi£ 87m Merian Emerging Market Debt and £ 297m Merian Local Currency Emerging Market Debt The funds are managed by Jupiter Alejandro Arevalo after their departure.

Mark Greenwood, manager of the Merian Systematic Positive Skew The fund will also leave the business after monitoring the winding up of its £ 38m fund.

Jupiter meanwhile said he was considering options for the £ 102 million Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Funds from John Ricciardi, Ian Forrest and Dan Matthews.

However, most of the Merian funds are to be retained with the management unchanged as part of the proposed list. Jupiter signed the managers responsible for Merian’s biggest strategies shortly after the proposed merger was announced Richard Buxton, Dan Nickols, Ian Heslop, Richard Watts and Amadeo Alentorn everyone joins the business.

A total of 23 Merian fund managers will enter the business as part of the planned merger. “They will bring new expertise and different views, skills, and long-term track records that complement our existing franchises and strengthen Jupiter’s position as an attractive home for leading fund management talent,” said Stephen Pearson, Jupiter’s chief investment officer.

Six Merian fund managers leave the Jupiter merger

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